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Franck Courchamp
Ecologie Systématique
& Evolution

  We are always, as a group, very enthusiastic about welcoming new group members. If you are applying to work with us, as a master or PhD student, or as a postdoc, this page (and links) is made to help you discover before hand who we are and how we work. Then perhaps you will think better (yes, pun intended, get used to it).

Mostly, this page is intended to present the group (first link), but also to give you an idea of what to expect from me and from yourself (second link). There are also indications for how to find our lab near Paris (third link). I hope your time here will be rewarding and fun.  

  Who we are

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  How we work

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  Where we are

How to reach our lab.

  I recently stumbled upon a lab web page that was thoroughly presenting the objective and philosophy of its team, and I thought it was very well done. Because the team is a key component to successful research, and team work often relies on unspoken points, I thought it could be good to lay down here some of the most important points for my group. That page I rather shamelessly plagiarized can be found here.

The group

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