Laboratory of Ecology, Systematics and Evolution

UPRESA 8079 - CNRS and University Paris-Sud

Department of Populations & Communities Ecology


Group of

Conservation of
Populations & Communities


Group researchers

Marc Girondot,
Professor Paris XI.

Franck Courchamp,
CNRS Researcher

Anne-Caroline Prévot-Julliard,
IUFM Versailles Lecturer

Alain Louveaux,
Paris XI University Lecturer

Emmanuelle Baudry,
Paris XI University Lecturer

Jean-Michel Guillon,
CNRS Researcher

Elena Angulo,
Postdoctoral fellow

Anne Deredec,
Paris XI Ph D student

Virginie Delmas,
Paris XI Ph D student

Stéphane Caut,
Paris XI Ph D student

Vincent Hulin,
Paris XI Ph D student

Pauline Teillac,
Paris XI Ph D student

Group research themes

  Several research themes are approached by our group, all being linked to the dynamics of populations, communities and ecosystems in a context of biodiversity conservation.

      Sea turtles dynamics and conservation

      Slider turtle invasion

      Communauties and population arthropods dynamics

      Evolution and ecology of sex determination in reptiles

      Oceanic islands invasion and restoration

      Cooperative breeders and Allee effect

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