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I am a researcher at the CNRS, the main French national research institute. I work at the University Paris South. I am specialised in population dynamics and conservation biology. You can download my cv by clicking below.

Hot news| The coolest movie you've ever seen!
Insignificant. A 3D animation movie on the place of Humans in the universe and the environment. With powerful metaphors and beautiful images, we will illustrate fascinating facts that the human brain can have difficulty grasping, mixing art and science to show that, from many stand points, Humans are rather... insignificant. We created a crowdfunding for this new project, so please participate and share! To access the site, click on the image on the left.

Follow the link below to get more info on the group.

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Ecologie Systématique
& Evolution
Franck Courchamp

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique & Evolution - UMR CNRS 8079
Univ Paris-Sud - Bat 362
F-91405 Orsay Cedex FRANCE
Tel (0033/0) 1 69 15 56 85
Fax (0033/0) 1 69 15 73 53