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Franck Courchamp
Ecologie Systématique
& Evolution

Value of rarity and species extinction: the anthropogenic Allee effect.


Coupling Stable Isotopes with Bioenergetics to
Estimate Interspecific Interactions

Combined impacts of Allee effects and parasitism

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Use of biological invasions and their control to study the dynamics of interacting populations

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Removing Protected Populations to Save
Endangered Species

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Extinction thresholds in host-parasite dynamics

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Mammal invaders on islands: impact, control
and control impact

Mammal invaders on islands: impact, control
and control impact

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Golden eagles, feral pigs, and insular carnivores:
How exotic species turn native predators into prey

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Small pack size imposes a trade-off between hunting and pup guarding in the painted hunting
dog Lycaon pictus

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Crucial importance of pack size in African wild dogs Lycaon pictus

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